TM Concept30 Channels E30 3-Series

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Take a good look at the BMW that could have been, and then tell us the latest 3 Series looks good with its whisker face.

Hungarian outfit TMCars Design wonders what would have happened if BMW had evolved the body style of the E30-generation 3-Series instead of redesigning it to the shape it has now. The result is the TM concept30, a project that is currently a design study but could, according to its creators, be produced as a bolt-on kit for the E30 if demand proves sufficient, blending elements of the 80s-era 3-Series coupe with some modern touches apparently borrowed from BMW's own neo-retro M1 Homage concept.

The TM concept30 is made up of twelve pieces that are designed to be fitted to any E30 coupe. Customers would be given a choice between two designs. The street version retains the original car's greenhouse and roofline, and its wheel arches are designed to accommodate the original suspension, albeit with wider wheels. The race version also retains the greenhouse but with a wider C-pillar and a race-spec suspension. Features common to both include intersecting trapezoid LED lamps, a shark nose fascia with satin colored black dividing inserts for the grille, and modern tail lamps.

Both versions were also designed to comply with European regulations so they can be used on the road. Describing its adaptation on the E30 3-Series design, TM expands on "The shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets, and the body wideline in between, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge."

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