TMG Builds a GT86 Customer Race Car

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After months of waiting, the first track-only GT-86 is ready to go.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is known to have a few tricks up its sleeve. Ever since the launch of Toyota's GT86 we've been waiting to see just what the German motorsport company had in mind in regards to upgrading the sports coupe to amateur competition level. Remember, these are the guys who used to run Toyota's F1 program, so they clearly know what they're doing. Called the TMG GT86 CS-V3, the "all-action" GT-86 race car is targeted specifically to private racers who want something affordable, refined and fun.

Developed for the V3 class of the Nurburgring-based VLN series and homologation from the Deutsche Motor Sport Bund, the GT86 CS-V3 is powered by the now familiar 2.0-liter 200 horsepower boxer four and is mated to a production six-speed manual. No changes were made to its power output as TMG focused in on other areas. These include a stiffened chassis and optimized weight distribution, a racing exhaust, suspension and brakes. Other changes include a roll cage and a stripped out interior to further reduce weight. Like the road going GT-86, pricing is also very reasonable, coming in at just €38,500 minus VAT (or €45,815 with).

TMG President Yoshiaki Kinoshita says that the car is already race-proven having won the V3 class in the Nurburgring 24 Hours. The company is already looking ahead with plans to develop a GT86 Cup car in the near future.

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