To Mod, Or Not To Mod?


That is the question (particularly for Escalade owners).

Why mess with perfection? That’s the basis ofa common argument concerning elite luxury and performance vehicles. Last year,CarBuzz posed the question, “Is tuning a Porsche ever a good idea?” We broughtup the same question in the context of Lamborghinis, and each time, there’sbeen a huge diversity of opinions. With the Cadillac Escalade improving each year, we've reached the point at whichpeople will surely argue over whether the vehicle looks better stock or with“tasteful” modifications done.

These Escalades with Lexani wheels seem to provoke thepolarizing question of “to mod, or not to mod?” We’ll let you be the judge ofthis largely subjective debate. All we can say is that we’re excitedabout the 2016 Escalade and its nearly ideal blend of luxury and performancecharacteristics in an SUV. All this style, comfort, and horsepower, comes at aprice, of course. A brand new Escalade in “Standard” trim (base trim) costs $72,970in the US. If you want all-wheel-drive, which is extremelydesirable if you’re already shopping in this price range, you’ll be forking upat least $75,570. Again, those are just the “Standard” models. Above that, there’s a “Premium Collection” that startsat $81,145. Repairs aren't cheap, either.

Finally, Escalades from the top-of-the-line “PlatinumCollection” have an MSRP of $89,350 for the “Platinum” and $91,950 for the“Platinum 4WD.” The 6.2L V8 is the heart of this Cadillac, putting out 420horsepower while still attaining 15 city mpg and 22 highway mpg. Is it worth spending more to customize this icon?

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