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Today's Drag Race Debacle Is Brought To You By This Nissan GT-R

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No one saw this coming.

Any sort of racing has its risks but drag racing, generally speaking, is fairly safe. Really, you're just driving fast in a straight line. No curves. No turns. That's the quarter mile. But mechanical issues can still arise that can lead to crashes. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a hood that can't handle speed. This 1,600+ hp Nissan GT-R ran into a problem when its hood was blown off while going 180 mph during a drag race. Despite its owner using tape to keep the air out from the under the hood, the good old laws of physics had other plans.

No one was hurt as the hood went airborne and hit the ground. Oh, and the GT-R still lost the race to the Lamborghini Gallardo.

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