Toddler Drifts Mini Mustang

If you want to the best, you have to start young.

Putting kids behind the wheel of a car isn't the cleverest thing a parent can do. And while that didn’t stop parents in India from recently permitting their offspring to take charge of a Ferrari F430, generally speaking if you’re too young to drive, take the bus. However, if you have aspirations of your kid becoming the next Ken Block- or better still, Michael Schumacher - it’s best to start them young. And what better introduction to the world of motoring than a miniature Mustang?

This particular toddler, dubbed “Enzo the Great” by his uncle, has been set on the path to racing greatness with his very own Power Wheels Mustang, which he manages to drift to the delight of his little girlfriend. Now if that isn't adorable, we don't know what is.

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