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Tokyo 2011: Daihatsu PICO Concept

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The Japanese automaker offers their interpretation of a futuristic compact car.

Hi-tech and green vehicles are all the rage at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, and with the Daihatsu PICO EV Concept we seem to have discovered a new category of vehicle sandwiched somewhere between light automobiles and motorized bicycles. Daihatsu's proposal of a futuristic two-seater EV commuter is much smaller than the Smart Fortwo at 2,400mm long, 1,000mm wide and 1,530mm tall with a wheelbase of 1,830mm, yet has adequate space for tandem-style seating. The PICO tips the scales at just 400kg.

Entry to the vehicle is granted by raising the colorful protective bar, which opens like a scissor door and that includes LED panels that also feature at the car's front & rear used to display a range of messages warning pedestrians and other motorists. Ideal for short trips, the concept's batteries can be fully charged in two hours offering a 31-mile driving range at speeds of up to 31mph. The front-and-back two-seat configuration is ideal for use in small and narrow spaces, and driving assistance is provided by advanced radar.

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