Tokyo 2011: Honda E-Canopy Three-Wheel Scooter Concept

Honda has just unveiled their latest concept, the golf car, nay, three-wheeled scooter.

Honda is keeping their unveiling of concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show going, this time with a Hoveround-ish scooter. Sitting on three wheels, the E-Canopy concept could be used for personal transportation or short-travel delivery excursions. However it looks more suited to sitting around inside a department store and waiting for an overweight or geriatric customer to take it down the aisles.

Officially known as the Honda E-Canopy, the electric trike features optional trunk space or possibly a place to stash your golf clubs the next time you hit the links. It has a large Plexiglas windshield that will cover your head in the midst of a light drizzle on a cool spring morning and if your friend wants a lift somewhere, they are out-of-luck as it only has seating for one. Check out the photos of Honda's latest unveiling and let us know what you think about the E-Canopy electric concept.

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