Tokyo 2011: Honda Micro Commuter Car Concept Arrives

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Honda is arriving in full force at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Check out the new city car concept from the Japanese automaker.

Honda has just released their latest in a long line of concept cars at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda Micro Commuter Concept is certainly an innovative little EV designed specifically for city travel. The city car concept is highly futuristic and has a unique design. Along with what appears to be faux stained-glass on the doors, it features room for three people - a driver in the center and a small bench for two passengers in the back.

Three may not seem like a lot, however for a car that is a half-foot shorter than a Smart fortwo, it is quite impressive. What's more is that it can fit the Honda Motor Compo inside it as well. As a quick refresher, it is a small box with wheels and handlebars that acts as an electric bike. The Micro Commuter Car Concept also has covered wheels, designed for both aerodynamics and safety. It can also serve as an electric power source and utilizes something called "twin lever steering." Is that better than a steering wheel? Guess we'll find out. See more of the futuristic little car in the photo gallery. Photos courtesy of autoevolution.

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