Tokyo 2011: Mitsubishi Unveils 2012 Mirage

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Concrete figures and more details have been released as the new Mirage is revealed at Tokyo.

The all-new Mirage has finally been introduced, reflecting the Japanese automaker's greener direction. Built 'to satisfy the needs of people all over the world' the Mirage offers 'world-class environmental performance and easy drivability.' Mitsubishi's aim is to achieve a top-of-class fuel efficiency of 71mpg with the Mirage, something they have managed by keeping the weight and rolling resistance low, developing superior aerodynamics, and improving braking and the powertrain.

The engine is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder with MIVEC variable valve timing and an auto stop/start system. A CVT transmission distributes power to the front wheels, and has been given 14-inch skinnies to ride on. A slender grille, roof-mounted spoiler, aero wheel covers are highlights of the exterior, while the 'simple & clean' interior boasts a flat dashboard design with glossy piano-black trim and metallic accents. Sales of the Mirage will start in Thailand in March 2012, and will be then be rolled out globally to both emerging and more established markets.

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