Tokyo 2011: Nissan ESFLOW Concept

2011 Tokyo Motor Show / Comments

Nissan aims to prove that EVs can be sexy and a thrill to drive.

We first met the ESFLOW Concept in Geneva last March and it has now taken a bow in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show where EV sports cars seem to be dominating. Using technology pioneered in the Nissan LEAF and implementing in an innovative way, the ESFLOW Concept was created as a pure EV Concept to demonstrate how a zero-emission sports car may look one day. According to Nissan that means a long hood, steeply-wraked wrap-around windscreen and hunched arches over ultra-low profile tires.

A composite body covers an aluminum chassis and the powertrain unit is RWD with twin electric motors above the axis of the rear wheels, independently controlling the left and right wheels to optimize torque and to ensure efficient power regeneration. A 0-62mph sprint time of less than 5 seconds is the result. Power comes from the lithium-ion battery packs found in the LEAF and on a single charge the car can travel over 150 miles. The six-spoke alloys contain blue carbon inserts, with the same material adorning the side sill, roof-mounted lip spoiler and lower rear bumper.

Blue LEDs highlight the futuristic lights at the front and rear, while the door mirrors have been replaced with minute rear view cameras at the base of its A-pillars. Flip-out charging points are smartly concealed in the air ducts below the front lights. Inside the seats are upholstered in gold leather and perforated gold suede, and sculpted into the car's rear bulkhead; their immobility compensated by the electrically-adjusted fly-by-wire steering and pedals. The doors are trimmed in dark blue leather and suede and the dash is covered with silver carbon trim with four multifunction illuminated LCD displays.

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