Tokyo 2011: Suzuki Shows Up with the Q City Car and Regina Concepts

2011 Tokyo Motor Show / Comments

Suzuki just released a pair of concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki previewed two new models destined for this year's edition of the Tokyo Motor Show during the last month, the Q-Concept city car and the Regina concept car. Suzuki has big plans for both concepts as there is a chance both could one day make production in one form or another. The Q-Concept city car would be the harbinger of Suzuki's foray into the EV market.

A mere 2.5 meters in length, with two seats in tandem configuration, its maneuverability and compactness makes it more practical than a car in terms of city driving and parking, but more comfortable and convenient than a bike. The Regina concept could be the Japanese company's next global compact car. As the more likely of the two to actually see production, the car houses a host of technical gadgets. The next-generation compact car can achieve 32km per liter via the efficient turbocharged 800cc block coupled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) transmission.

Helped by a Stop/Start system, sleek aerodynamics, and a low body weight of just 730kg, CO2 emissions are a mere 70g/km. Both concepts are currently on display at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

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