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Tokyo 2011: Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept Released at Last

2011 Tokyo Motor Show / 2 Comments

Suzuki completes its fleet for Tokyo with the Swift EV Hybrid Concept.

According to Suzuki's researchers, owners of their Swift hatchback travel between 12 to 18 miles a day. The Japanese car company decided that was telling enough to create a concept car for their hatch, complete with range-extending electric tech. The Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid concept features a small internal combustion engine designed for charging its electric battery when it becomes depleted, a la the spontaneously-combusting (allegedly) Chevy Volt.

The Swift concept's battery is very light and it takes a very short time to charge up. The plug-in extending system could make its way to other production models over the next few years and they believe it would be a perfect match for European drivers because they tend to drive more. In any case, the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid takes only 90 minutes to charge on a 200V outlet and 4 hours on a 100V outlet. Check out the live photos of the quick charging hybrid below, as it is currently on display at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

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