Tokyo 2011: Toyota FCV-R Concept Channels 'Avatar' in Japan

The Toyota FCV-R is a practical fuel-cell vehicle that runs on ‘unobtainium.’ Ok, maybe not quite…

If you had the chance to see James Cameron's 3D visual feast-for-the-eyes movie 'Avatar' from 2009, then you surely remember the scene where the Avatar and his obvious-to-everyone-except-the-characters soon-to-be girlfriend are in the jungle and the plants and trees begin to light up. Well, Toyota has tried to create a budget version of that particular scene with the reveal video of their FCV-R concept vehicle at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

The FCV-R concept is a pre-production concept version of a new model that will reach the market by 2015. Described as a 'practical' fuel-cell vehicle, it features a next-generation 70MPa hydrogen tank allowing the vehicle to travel a range of roughly 435 miles in between fill-ups. In terms of styling, it features LED daytime running headlights, aerodynamic bumpers and a curved roofline for the exterior. The interior features leather and Alcantara, metallic trim and four futuristic single seats. A high-tech instrument panel and dashboard were also added for the necessary 'futuristic look' that concept cars apparently must have.

Check out the photos and video of Toyota's latest concept car, the FCV-R, as it is currently on display now at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

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