Tokyo: Nissan is Planning Debuts, Including Leaf Aero Style Concept

Another auto event that's often overlooked for simply being held too close to the North American International Auto Show is the Tokyo Auto Salon. Still, there's always a lot to see at Tokyo's aftermarket exhibit, and Nissan will be showcasing nine models at the 2011 Auto Salon this January. Of course, Nissan's freshest offerings, the Leaf and Juke, will be there with lots of added sportiness, but only in terms of appearance.

The Leaf Aero Style Concept has a new pair of wheels, while the Juke wears dealer-installed parts designed for Europe and North America. Called the Juke Sporty Package, the show car includes chrome trim accessories and 17-inch alloys. Nissan will also be showcasing two different versions of the new Nissan Elgrand, aka the Quest for the U.S.), one which is designed to be a premium, luxurious cruiser. Nissan will also display new versions of the March, Fairlady Z, and the GT-R.

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