Tom Cruise Couldn't Stop Thieves Stealing His BMW 7 Series

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The car was carrying Tom Cruise's luggage worth thousands of dollars.

BMW has a long-standing partnership with the Mission Impossible franchise. This is why you often see BMW cars star in high-octane action scenes in Mission Impossible films, and 'Mission Impossible 7' will be no different. Famous for doing his own death-defying stunts, Tom Cruise was seen filming in a doorless BMW M5 last year during a high-speed chase in 'Mission Impossible 7.' After being suspended due to the pandemic, filming for the new movie recently resumed.

Over the last few months, scenes for the new spy flick have been filmed in England including an incredible stunt involving a train plunging off a cliff. But while Ethan Hunt has pulled off some high-tech heists in the Mission Impossible movies, Tom Cruise couldn't stop thieves from stealing his BMW.

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According to The Sun, Tom Cruise was driven around in a BMW X7 (the tabloid reports it was an X7 but photos taken from the location clearly show a BMW 7 Series) outside of filming. The car was parked outside a luxury hotel in a secure location in Birmingham within walking distance from the entrance while filming took place in a nearby shopping center.

Using a relay scanner, cunning thieves were able to clone the signal from the car's keyless ignition fob and steal the BMW in just a few minutes, despite it being heavily guarded by Tom Cruise's security team. To make matters worse, the luxury limo was carrying the actor's expensive luggage worth thousands of dollars.

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"Everything inside it had gone," an insider said. "It's a huge embarrassment for the security team and the guy who had been driving it was hopping mad - but not as mad as Tom!" After the car was reported stolen, BMW replaced it within minutes.

Since the car was equipped with a tracking device, police managed to recover the stolen BMW, but Tom Cruise's luggage was gone. An investigation is ongoing, so let's hope the police can track down the thieves before they strike again. We'll get to see the BMW 7 Series in action when 'Mission Impossible 7' opens in theaters.

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Source Credits: The Sun

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