Tom Cruise Crushed by A. Kahn's Wrangler in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

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Car chosen for its military-esque styling.

In the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster, 'Edge of Tomorrow' (which from the synopsis sounds a lot like a sci-fi remake of Groundhog Day), everyone's favorite Scientologist comes up against a brutal race of aliens that kill him over and over again. With every repeated encounter, Cruise gets increasingly closer to defeating the violent enemy and, well, you can pretty much guess how it ends. When shooting the movie, the producers were looking for a military-style vehicle for Cruise to roll under in a particularly gasp-worthy scene.

So they employed the services of A. Kahn Design, borrowing its Jeep Wrangler CJ300 LE for the job. That particular model is based on the diesel-powered Wrangler Sahara, upgraded with a satin exterior finish, custom grille, bespoke Kahn alloys and crosshair headlights.

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