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Tom Cruise Set to Play Carroll Shelby in 'Go Like Hell' Movie Adaptation

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The Ford versus Ferrari rival of the sixties is filled with Hollywood drama.

20th Century Fox is planning a movie based on the book "Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans" written by A. J. Baime. No deals are yet in place, but Tom Cruise is eyeing a starring role as Carroll Shelby and will reunite with director Joseph Kosinski after their recent success with "Oblivion." The book follows Henry Ford II who, after failing with an attempt to buy Ferrari, went all out to beat Enzo at Le Mans where the carmaker had dominated for years.

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With the help of Lee Iacocca and Caroll Shelby, Ford designed, built and raced the legendary Ford GT40 to four successive victories at the world's most prestigious race course. The movie is in the early stages of development, but Fox is keen to start shooting next year. Whether they are given the right to film at Le Mans remains to be seen.