Tom Cruise Will Drive The New BMW M5 In Mission Impossible Fallout


With Tom Cruise doing his own stunt driving, it should get a through workout.

There was a time when BMWs featured prominently in James Bond films during the Pierce Brosnan era. These days, however, the Bavarian automaker supplies cars to another spy action film franchise. We’re talking of course about the Mission Impossible series. BMW has partnered with the film series since 2011’s Ghost Protocol, which previewed the i8 in concept form. Once again, the automaker provided a range of vehicles for the forthcoming Mission Impossible Fallout film releasing in cinemas July 27.

We’ve already seen a classic 5 Series tearing through the streets of Paris in recent trailers, and now BMW has confirmed the brand new M5 will also feature prominently in the film. With Tom Cruise famous for doing his own stunt driving, it should get a thorough workout in numerous action scenes. The car in the film features an assortment of BMW M Performance Parts, including carbon fiber mirror caps and a black kidney grille. Thanks to its M xDrive all-wheel drive system, BMW says the M5 “makes sure that Cruise’s Ethan Hunt always has the best-possible traction and superior driving dynamics to keep him ahead of his enemies.”

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A new video released by BMW gives us a glimpse of the M5’s role in the film. Intriguingly, one shot shows the 600-hp super sedan being remotely driven by Simon Pegg’s character Benji using a smartphone or tablet. It looks a lot like the destructive car park chase sequence in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, where Bond used his phone to remotely drive a E38 BMW 750iL.

It should be fun to see the idea revisited in Mission Impossible Fallout, even if it's not very original. A BMW R nineT Scrambler motorcycle will also feature in key scenes “performing daring maneuvers at rapid speed in a wild chase through Paris”. The BMW we’ve already see being put through its paces in the trailer is a 1986 BMW 5 Series Sedan, which “makes a major appearance in a high-octane scene which sets a new standard for the action-film genre”.