Tom Hanks Is Being Gifted This Customized Fiat 126P From Poland

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Behold the most unique Fiat 126P on the planet.

When a Hollywood actor announces they've acquired a new car, you would expect it to be an exotic such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or, in the case of Jamie Foxx, a golden Bugatti Veyron. As for Tom Hanks' latest ride? A dinky Fiat 126P from Poland. And he didn't even pay for it. As a running joke on social media, the Hollywood star has been sharing photos of himself posing next to ironic cars on Twitter with the tagline "I got a new car." After he pretended to be the proud owner of a Fiat 126P in Budapest, Monika Jaskolska wanted to make it a reality.

Considering he's worth around $4 million, Hanks probably doesn't need any financial help to buy a new car, but Jaskolska, who lives in Bielsko-Biala where the 126P was originally built between 1973 and 2000, started an online fundraiser to buy one for him. After the community raised around $2310, a battered 1975 Fiat 126P was purchased in turquoise. A restorer helped clean up the compact, and renowned cabin designer Carlex spruced up the interior. The result is the most extravagant cabin you'll find in any Fiat 126P. Carlex wanted to stay faithful to the original interior, using light green leather with exposed stitching and contrasting black leather stripes for an authentically vintage look.

As a personal touch, the silver-plated buttons and switches resemble typewriter keys since Hanks also collects typewriters. Bielsko-Biala's city symbol is located inside the resin gearshift knob, and the message "Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks" has been stitched on the back of front passenger seat. "It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the project for two very important reasons: the fact that it was a charity event, and that the 'Maluch' has always been a symbol of our city, our country, and our youth," Damian Skotnicki, owner of Carlex Design, said. "Each Pole has a number of great memories connected to driving a Fiat 126p." Hanks will be handed over the keys in a special "Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks" charity event.

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