TomTom's Sat Nav Technology Could Be Used In Autonomous Cars

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TomTom's HD Maps could be a big part of autonomous driving in the future.

The next few years could potentially transform the automotive industry with the rise of autonomous technology gradually making its way into cars to bring not just convenience, but safety benefits too. As such, many companies and car manufacturers including the likes of Google and Honda, have shown interest in adopting the tech. Seeing its future potential, TomTom Automotive has been developing advanced technology such as its innovative TomTom HD Maps.

Now, automotive giants at this year's CES are evaluating the possibility of utilizing TomTom's technology to be used in autonomous cars. TomTom HD Maps is "a revolutionary, highly accurate, digital map based product that helps automated vehicles precisely locate themselves on the road and plan manoeuvres, even when travelling at high speeds." It works with TomTom's RoadDNA system, which scans the road for information using vehicle sensors to enable localization for autonomous technology. TomTom's Managing Director, Antoine Saucier, said: "It was not even 18 months ago that we introduced our HD Map and RoadDNA to power the future of driving."

Then, as now, we were saying that we were ready for the future – with products to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles." Willem Strijbosch, Head of Autonomous Driving, TomTom, commented: "It has been fantastic to work with global OEMs and Tier 1s, and gratifying to see that our innovative maps are already having such a pivotal role in the future of driving, today. Working with them has enabled us to make great strides in further honing our products to their needs." Time will tell if TomTom can revolutionize the autonomous car market.

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