Too Bad The Callaway "Callamino" Was An April Fool's Prank

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Because we seriously want one.

April Fool's 2017 is over, but sometimes an automaker or specialty builder pranks us with something we'd love to see really happen. That BMW M3 'ute from a few years ago is a prime example. And this year, Callaway Cars revealed its new "Callamino," a blend of the old Chevrolet El Camino's rear bed with today's C7 Corvette. Callaway already builds the wicked cool Corvette Aerowagon, so why not this? Callaway's not real Callamino includes "an expansive cargo area and adds severe duty chassis components, resulting in a 6,600 lb. load capacity!"

Damn, we really wish this was a thing, and it gets better: "An optional Class IV trailering package, integrated trailer brake controller and side outlet exhaust system are also available for towing up to 14,000 lbs. When equipped with Callaway's SC757 Z06 package, the supercharged 777 lb-ft of torque is more than sufficient to carry or tow virtually any load." Oh man, we're smitten. Callaway's well-written bullsh-t continues by saying the Callamino was "designed for the home handyman/driving enthusiast that wants to deliver the goods in style." Carbon fiber components, cargo space, and coolness. Too bad the Callamino is nothing more than a prank. One suggestion to Callaway: Do an off-road Corvette next year because why not.

Handout, BMW
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