Too Soon to Say Goodbye to the Mazda5 MPV


It was the one minivan that could be had with a six-speed manual. Seriously.

We've always been huge fans of the Mazda5 MPV. It's a small minivan van with dual sliding doors that's both somewhat sporty and fun to drive as well as being an efficient six-passenger family hauler. Too bad it just didn't sell all that well. A new report is now claiming that beginning in 2015, Mazda will begin to phase out the 5 in favor of growing its crossover segment. Specifically, the CX-3 will join the lineup, likely sometime in 2016, and the CX-9 will be completely redesigned for 2017.

Even the strong-selling CX-5 is due for a major refresh. It'll sport a new front fascia and LED headlights in 2016 and then, in 2017, it'll be given another dose of updates. Only this time it'll get all-new sheetmetal and other bits of re-engineering. There have even been some rumors of a reborn CX-7, but for now it appears that Mazda will focus on the three aforementioned crossovers. Sill, it'll be sad to see the Mazda5 go. It's definitely on the list of great cars that not enough people know about. Heck, it could even be had with an optional six-speed manual.

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