Top 4 Creative MINI Cooper Concepts

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The creative minds at MINI continue to get the most out of the iconic microcar, attracting attention with their crazy concepts.

You would think that after all of these years that there is nothing more to do with the MINI Cooper, yet the British automaker (now a part of BMW) somehow finds a way to create new and exciting concepts year after year that often make their way to production. These designs are quirky and full of attitude, and show just how much a creative mind can do with a single model. If you're a fan of MINIs, or just cool concept cars, then continue reading below.

The MINI took a page out of Jeep's playbook when they designed the Beachcomber. This fun concept features a soft top, removable doors and a raised suspension. The Beachcomber was more of a showcase for the Countryman than anything, which is a Dan shame as this concept perfectly symbolized the brand's commitment to fun and quirky cars.

There's a decent chance that the MINI Rocketman will steal all of the thunder away from the 2012 London Olympics. MINI's futuristic concept was recently spotted on the streets of London, complete with a patriotic paint job and a glass roof complete with the Union Jack.

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The MINI Yachtsman concept is one of the funniest automotive April Fools' pranks ever pulled. This Yachtsman was accompanied by a phony press release that promised go-kart-like handling on the water. Unlike most prank models, MINI actually went ahead and made the Yachtsman, bringing it to the 2012 New York Auto Show for all to see.

The MINI Clubvan may not be flashy, but it's functional and original; these two factors more than make up for the fact that it's a panel van. A work van may not be eye-appealing, but it makes sense financially. Besides, what other van can carry catering supplies and still have go-kart-like handling?

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