Top 4 Most Unlikely Drift Cars


Drifting in a hearse? You’d better believe it can be done.

Drifting requires two things: a particular set of skills, and a good drift car. However, should your drift skills be above average, you can get just about anything to drift. That may sound ridiculous, but these videos here prove that even the most unlikely of cars can go sideways given the right driver. Yes, they may look a bit strange, but drifting in one of these upcoming cars can still be tons of fun. For those who dream of drifting while driving a semi-truck or hearse, these videos are for you.

The Ariel Atom is considered to be a lot of things, but an ideal drift car isn't one of them. Still, with a talented driver, even a go-kart on steroids like the Atom can sit sideways.

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The next time you're at a funeral and the driver of the hearse tells you he can't drift his ride, you show him this video. A Binz Hearse is a massive vehicle, but it seems to take naturally to drifting. Perhaps an all-hearse drifting team is in order.

Usually when a semi-truck begins drifting, it's a bad thing. That's not so here, as Mike Ryan proves with his impressive drift truck display.

Drunken cab rides home would be a hell of a lot more interesting if more cabbies drove like this. If drifting a British black cab is possible, then American cabbies should be able to follow suit.