Top 4 Ridiculously Good Looking Golf Carts

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If you think the golf carts offered at your local links are nice, then you aint seen nothin' yet.

Golf carts aren't typically described as godly, but that's because most of them aren't as awesome as the golf carts featured here. These golf carts are all one of two things, with some being both; they're either ridiculously good looking, or ridiculously expensive. Still, they're clearly not for everyone and many true car lovers would simply prefer to ignore them all together. If you've ever wondered what types of golf carts Lefty or Woods drive around in, then continue reading below.

Something about the Pennwick F5 just screams Tiger Woods. This golf car is designed to look like a Ferrari, but not to perform like one; it has a top speed is 20mph. It's also cheaper than a Ferrari, with a price tag of $20,500.

This Rolls-Royce -inspired golf cart was once the property of Willie Nelson. Dubbed, the "19th Hole," this golf cart features the only thing you need to have a great day on the greens: a wet bar. The 19th Hole has buttons for bourbon, gin, scotch, vodka whiskey and water.

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You may be surprised to learn that Bruce Wayne is not the owner of the Tumbler golf cart. The cart, spotted on the WB lot, was built by a Batman superfan who works at the studio.

According to Garia, this golf cart was "built to the highest standards of the automotive industry." These standards led the company to include a double-wishbone front suspension, a drivetrain built by the same company that makes gearboxes for Ducati and a refrigerator. All of this can be yours for a mere $17,499.

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