Top 5 Automotive World Records

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If you can think of a record attempt involving a car, chances are it's already been done.

Looking at what Guinness recognizes as an official world record - from the "World's Fastest Motorized Toilet" to "Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously" - it's no wonder that the book never stops growing. There are numerous car-related records that have been broken over the past year or so, and we've brought together five of the weirdest and most wonderful, including a 244mph Dodge Charger and a twin-turbo Gallardo that clocks the quarter-mile in a shade over eight seconds.

At 207 mph, the Guinness World Record for the Nevada Open Road Challenge had stood since 2000, but on May 20, 2012, these records were demolished by Jim Peruto and his modified NASCAR 2006 Dodge Charger, clocking an average speed of 217.56 mph over 90 miles of highway in the Silver State classic, hitting a top speed of 244 mph.

Jolene Van Vugt flushed the previous record away by a sizeable 4.3 mph, topping out at 46.6 mph (75 km/h) in a motorized porcelain bog. To satisfy Guinness World Record's lofty standards, the 100m run was timed twice and the average taken. Van Vugt now has three world records to her name, the other two for doing back flips on dirt bikes.

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This twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera by Underground Racing was built for owner Roy Hofman. The world record quarter-mile he put down was an incredible 8.35 seconds at a speed of 181 mph. Its claimed 1.5-second 0-60 run is enough to make a Veyron blush, but don't expect the high-strung engine to last long.

75 cars congregated at the Infineon Raceway to break the Guiness World Record for Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously, besting the previous world record of 57 cars set in 2010 in Queensland, Australia.

This is one of Guinness' most popular records, with the record changing hands five times in the last couple of years. It's currently held by Chinese master wheelman Han Yue, who shaved an incredible 7 cm off the previous record when he drifted a MINI between two other MINIs with only 15 cm of space to spare.

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