Top 5 Awesome Tuned Scion FR-S

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Toyota, take notes.

Toyota is clinging to the hope that Scion can be saved with a few fresh models and an (eventual) refresh of the FR-S. Everyone knows that the FR-S is the only car that merits any attention from the lineup, but even it is far from perfect. Thankfully, aftermarket tuners have taken the sportscar that could under their wing, and Toyota would be wise to learn from them. (It has to an extent.) Below you'll find five awesome FR-S that show the model's true potential, whether it's as a super-powered drifter or an almost-convertible.

Toyota has said it won't do a convertible FR-S, but what about a targa top? Jeremy Lookofsky of Cartel Customs built a semi-topless FR-S for SEMA 2014 and it looked damn good, to say the least. In addition to the removable roof, a ton of other modifications were made, including a GReedy street turbo kit, a KW coilover suspension and beautiful Azzuro California Blue paint job.

The CS-R3 is the FR-S every gearhead grounded in reality dreams about at night. Toyota turned a GT-86 into a rally-worthy car, boasting its power output to be between 240 and 250 horses. A six-speed sequential gearbox, aerodynamic upgrades and new brakes have also been added. The best news here is that Toyota will offer the CS-R3 to consumers as a "cost-effective" option. Whether that option will include the aforementioned upgrades remains to be seen, but it's certainly better than nothing.


Many of the FR-S models on this list are unattainable due to factors beyond the control of ordinary men (money). That being said, Cosworth is not asking you to shell out thousands on a one-off or tune job. Instead, it's letting you add serious power yourself with its stage 2 tuning kit good for an extra 60 horsepower. According to the company you can install it yourself in your garage and there is apparently another kit on the way which will up your total horsepower to 380. Sometimes the most awesome cars are the ones you build yourself.

Adding a tuning kit to your car at home is all well and good, but no matter how long you spend in your garage you won't be able to whip up the FR-S that Scion Racing and GReedy did. It was built specifically for drifting yet still manages to push 600 horsepower. A total of 300 pounds was hacked off to ensure that this FR-S glided effortlessly around the track when driver Ken Gushi said so.


TRD might want to take a page or two from Takata Racing and Fox Marketing when it comes to its next FR-S. While the graphics are a bit garish, the goal was a noble one: build both a kickass daily driver and track killer. As you might have expected, carbon fiber was used extensively for the body (and even the seats) while the engine receives a little extra oomph from a new GReedy intake and catback. Other additions include a Whiteline shift kit and sway bars and Ksport 14-inch 8-piston brake calipers.

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