Top 5 Bamboo Cars

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Cars made out of bamboo? Several have tried it with some very interesting results.

While a bamboo automobile may sound like something straight out of an episode of "Gilligan's Island," the idea is not nearly farfetched as it may seem. Bamboo is tough, lightweight, fast-growing and renewable, all desirable traits to car designers. If you're someone who is patiently waiting for the Woodie to come back in vogue, then you're going to love checking out all of these bamboo concept cars. Interested? Then continue reading on.

The Yinkana Renault 4 Bambou: The Yinkana is a conceptual car designed by Kleist Frank for the Renault 4 Ever competition. The Yinkana has an all-bamboo frame and is powered by four electric engines in each wheel. Unfortunately, Renault was apparently not ready for the Bambou revolution as the design came in fourth place.

The BamGoo: Don't be fooled by its appearance, the BamGoo is not a giant wicker basket on wheels. The BamGoo is an electric car created by the city of Kyoto and Kyoto University. The car has an all-bamboo body and can run for 30 miles on a single charge.

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The Meguru: This Japanese car is designed to be a 21st century rickshaw and is made from bamboo and powered by electricity. The Meguru is limited in terms of how far (24 miles) and how fast (24 MPH) it can go, and it's priced at a staggering $10,000. Still, an electric-powered rickshaw made from bamboo is undeniably awesome.

The Rinspeed Bamboo: Out of all of the cars featured here, the Rinspeed BamBoo is perhaps the most likely to ever go from concept to reality. The Rinspeed BamBoo is made with a miniscule amount of bamboo, with a small portion of the interior being made with bamboo fiber. Still, the car has a fun and sporty design and its minimal incorporation of bamboo plus its name are enough to earn it a spot on this list.

The Epoch: Rob Dolton's Epoch is a futuristic Le Mans car designed with a bamboo body. The Epoch's eco-friendly and fast and furious design should appeal to hardcore gearheads who'd cringe at the thought of a speedometer that topped out at less than 120 MPH.

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