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From Satin Orange to Champagne Gold, there's no shortage of exotic colors to choose from when it comes to car body wraps.

Body wraps have become the must-have accessory for those wanting to transform their rides quickly and inexpensively. But while most car owners opt for safer shades of black and white, there will always be some that go for the more glamorous. From a Champagne Gold Lamborghini to a comic-book inspired Golf GTI, we present an array of spectacular wraps for your viewing pleasure, demonstrating that whether you drive a hatchback or a supercar, a fresh wrap can give your ride a new lease on life.

Office-K is known for its highly unique and imaginative work on some of the hottest models in the world, one of which is this Champagne Gold-wrapped Lamborghini Murcielago. The custom job also features a prominent Veilside 4509 body kit complete with a new front bumper, air intakes on the sides, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and an optional rear wing. A set of matte black three-piece Asanti wheels complements the new look, which is further enhanced by smoked-out headlights, sidemarkers and taillights, and mathcing Champagne Gold-painted brake calipers.

Marc Cavallo's two-tone green chrome and matte black Lamborghini Gallardo is the ultimate roadway distraction. A gorgeous green chrome body has been touched up by a matte black roof and vents for a seriously intense look that would make Kermit the Frog wet his pants (that is, if he were wearing pants, but we digress). Further complementing the body's extravagant exterior is a set of blacked-out Forgestar 19-inch wheels that combine with the color scheme to prove that while a Lamborghini doesn't need to look any more extreme, it still can.

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Mercedes' latest example of the awesome G63 AMG makes the headlines for all the right reasons. Anyone brave enough to splash out $150,000 on this crazy car should consider turning to Diamond Black Exteriors, better known as DBX, to sort out an exclusive body wrap, such as this awesome blue brushed metallic V8-powered G500. Matched to the Brushed Blue Metallic Steal body wrap is a set of gloss black powder alloys and the rear wheel cover wrapped in brushed metallic black.

CFC, or Car Film Components, is a German outfit specializing in vinyl wraps, and this particular project focused on a Volkswagen Golf GTI. The standout feature on the hatchback's body is the comic-book wrap that adorns the passenger side front fender, GTI logos, fuel cap, and the inner section of the lower front grille. A matte grey vinyl wrap covers the majority of the body, while the roof and exterior mirror caps are finished in high gloss black carbon-fiber. The car also gets a carbon-fiber body kit made up of a front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, and pink-tinted fog lamps that match the pink 19-inch alloys.

The CLS is a firm favorite with Mercedes tuning specialists and here we have another project by DBX. This CLS550 is wearing the Black Bison carbon-fiber body kit from Wald International, and has been finished in a satin orange vinyl wrap. As a result of plenty of carbon trim and new components such as the grille, air intakes, new diffuser and huge trunk-lid spoiler, the coupe's muscular facade got even beefier. A fresh set of air vents, integrated LED daytime running lights, and 22-inch Forgiato alloys complete the look.

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