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Top 5 Chris Harris Videos of 2013


A look back at the Drive presenter's best bits of the year.

There'll be plenty of crap TV for you to watch over the coming few days, and while the rest of your family enjoys getting through a Dr. Who marathon and some John Wayne westerns, you can sneak off and enjoy some of the best car reviews of the year courtesy of Chris Harris. The diminutive Drive presenter has burned through plenty of rubber over the past twelve months and piloted some spectacular cars. So here's a recap of five of the best. Sit back and enjoy with a leftover turkey sandwich.

It was a treat to see Chris back behind the wheel of a Ferrari after his famous spat with the Italian carmaker. And the first one he piloted this year was a Ferrari 458 Spider that evidence suggested was loaned to him by Jeremy Clarkson. A typically hooned-filled video ensued.

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After getting a taste for the Fezza, Harris took out not one but two Prancing Horses. And these were no ordinary models. The Ferrari F40 and F50 are two legends, and both were given a thrashing around the track.

As a serial GT3 owner, it was perhaps fitting that Harris was one of the first to review the 991 Porsche GT3. For the first time, the car comes without a manual. That was meant to make Monkey mad, but given the phenomenal machine Porsche created, all was forgiven.

When BMW offered Harris the chance to test drive the new 4 Series, he was told explicitly not to drift it. Like a red rag to a bull, in less time than it takes for the 435i to sprint from zero to sixty, the British auto scribe had the Bimmer going sideways.

One of the most popular videos of the year was when he matched his own Audi S4 against a modern RS4 equivalent. The results of a bit of ECU remapping is pretty impressive. In fact, RS4 owners may want to pass on this little comparison test.