Top 5 Coolest Concepts From The 2016 Paris Motor Show

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These are the concepts that we want to see make production.

The 2016 Paris Motor Show is in the books, and we have already declared Audi as the winner of the show with impressive cars like the RS3 and S5 Sportback. That doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of awesome concepts shown off in the city of light. We have chosen the top five concepts from Paris 2016 that we would want to see reach production. These models would be either really good for their brand, something we would buy if they were real, or even just something that looks really cool. Here are are favorites.

Of course the Renault's Trezor Concept had to make our list. We think that the Trezor has less of a chance to reach production than Hawaii does to have a blizzard. However, we had to acknowledge that Renault has built something that is truly visually spectacular. This all-electric grand tourer packs 350 hp with 280 lb-ft of torque. Also, just look at how cool that hatch design is. Unfortunately, there is no way that Renault would build something like this, and there still isn't a strong chance that many of the design cues would make their way to anything that even remotely resembles this electric beauty. Like most concepts, the Trezor will simply fade into obscurity.

The Volkswagen ID Concept is far from the prettiest concept that we saw at Paris. In fact, it really just reminds us of other electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, and Chevy Bolt. The ID isn't about looks, it is about drastically altering the fortunes of the Volkswagen brand. Diesels are clearly not the future for VW, and the company needs the ID to succeed. We can see Volkswagen pull back on the futuristic cues on the production model, and make it look more like a Golf. We think that if this electric car could reach the same kind of range as a Tesla for much lower cost, VW could have a sales success.

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Electric cars and hybrids were clearly a huge emphasis in Paris this year. Seemingly every manufacturer has either an EV or a hybrid, and Citroen had a pretty spectacular model. The CXperience is a plug-in hybrid hatchback model with around 300 horsepower. The concept can drive 37 miles on electric range alone and be charged in less than three hours. We know that things like the suicide doors will never make production, but the fact that Citroen made the CXperience a hatchback is a good sign that the company does want to build it. We would expect Citroen to unveil some kind of plug in hybrid that will borrow the technology from this concept.

The Hyundai RN30 Concept is a rally monster with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo making 374 horsepower and 332 lb-ft. That would be enough to put the Hyundai in the same league as the Mercedes A45 AMG and Ford Focus RS. We know that Hyundai wants to launch its N sub-brand to target the BMW M division and Mercedes AMG, and the RN30 is clearly proof that the brand does have what it takes to compete with those premium brands. The RN30 will eventually spawn the i30N, but don't expect the crazy doors and racing interior to make it to production.

Four out of the top five concept cars on this list are powered by electricity. Even the ultra-luxury Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept is powered by flowing electrons. The Maybach 6 is perhaps one of the greatest concepts that we have ever seen. This concept shows that Mercedes will continue to offer "traditional" luxury in the form of a gargantuan car that is almost 19 feet long. It also has 750 hp. Although, unlike the cars from the 1930s that this car resembles, it doesn't have some V16 gas guzzling engine. The Maybach 6 combines classic styling with an EV powertrain to create what we think could be the perfect luxury car for the future. Move over Rolls Royce. Maybach is back.

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