Top 5 Crazy Craigslist Finds


Craigslist, where Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari limos are sold side by side.

Buying a car on Craigslist is the definition of rolling the dice. Sometimes you find a hidden gem at a great deal. Other times you trade your hard earned cash and accumulated pride for a junker destined to sit in your driveway. Despite all of the risks involved with buying a car from Craigslist, no lot or website can beat its selection. Case in point: all of the crazy Craigslist finds listed below. None of these cars come with warranties or guarantees of any kind, but when you’re buying a Suzuki powered by propane does that really matter?

If you’re in the market for a Mercedes 560SEL once owned by Johnny Cash look no further than Craigslist. The Mercedes was listed in Ojai, California, as part of an estate sale. One had to wonder if Burt Reynolds considered putting his Trans Am up for sale on the site. If it’s good enough for The Man in Black then it’s more than okay for the Bandit.

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What better way to up the speed of a Ford E350 then by strapping a jet engine to its roof. Although no sale price was listed this van reportedly holds Bonneville Salt Flats records and is said to be in working condition. Oh, and apparently it’s a “super sexy chick magnet.” Who needs a supercar when you can pack the whole family in a van capable of breaking the sound barrier?

You aren’t likely to find many propane-powered Suzuki Samurais on Craigslist now that gas prices have flatlined. This badass off-roader gets 290 miles per tank of propane and was listed for just $3,500. Back in 2007, when gas prices were through the roof, this would have been a steal of a deal. Heck, it still is.

This 1981 Ferrari 400i limo has to be one of the all-time strangest Craigslist finds. The stretched 400i has its original engine and was listed in Huntington Beach, California, for just $25,000. Yes 25 grand is a lot to spend on a car found on Craigslist. However, $25,000 for a limo that doubles as a Ferrari (and vice versa) sounds like a bargain.

Craigslist car shoppers may not be the savviest auto buyers in the world, but even they know the difference between a Lamborghini Diablo and this. While it’s not a real Lambo it is does have a Camaro’s LS1 V8 engine and doesn’t look completely ridiculous at first glance. That being said, the $48,900 you would spend on this is probably better used as a down payment on an actual Diablo.