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Top 5 Depressing Cars You Need to Avoid

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Life is short; might as well drive something cool.

If you're reading this that likely means you're a car guy/gal. You get how to have fun when it comes to transportation. Of course cars are much more than just about getting places; it's the journey and bond you share with your ride that matters most. It's not important if your car is expensive or not, but how it makes you feel. But there are some on this fine planet that don't see cars the way we do. So in order to avoid becoming them, you'll need to first avoid the cars they drive.

The Honda CR-Z is depressing simply because it's not the car it could have been. Instead of a proper tribute to the 80s favorite CR-X, Honda gave us an underpowered and uninspiring hatchback. Forget the fact that it's a hybrid, Honda blew an opportunity to show that it still knows how to build an affordable hatch that's not only fun, but also inspiring to drive. Yes, it has a six-speed manual option, but at the end of the day that's not enough. The CR-Z could have much, much more and become an instant classic.

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The Dodge Stratus. A car that started life proving its Ford Contour rival truly was a piece of crap, itself became a piece of crap by the time of its mercy killing in 2006. Perhaps the sorry ass mental state of this car is best summed up by this quote: "I drive a Dodge Stratus!" Watch the SNL skit. You'll get the idea.

Anything from Hyundai circa 1986 till 2008. Hyundai first arrived in the US in 1986. By day two people were making fun of it. Sure, they were affordable and fairly reliable Asian-built econoboxes, but those who bought them must have been celebrating their recent promotion from burger flopper to graveyard shift manager at McDonald's. Not even the Tiburon did much to help the brand. It wasn't until 2008, when the Genesis Coupe and sedan debuted, that it became safe to tell other humans of your Hyundai ownership.

Everything from Scion except the FR-S. Scion simply hasn't done for Toyota what it was expected to. The so-called youthful brand of the Japanese automotive giant consisted mainly of boxy debacles that have somehow become worse every year they're on the market. Case in point, Scion xB: Do you guys feel that? That's your face cringing. Point made.

Two words: Smart cars. That is all.