Top 5 Ferrari Fires Are Painful To Watch


You know the old saying: where there's smoke, there's a Ferrari on fire.

Anytime a supercar catches fire it's a spectacle to behold. You're watching a machine likely capable of doing 200 mph, or close to it, burn to a crisp. It's the equivalent of watching a briefcase full of money burn. That being said, when a Ferrari catches fire it's more or less business as usual, as evidenced by all of the burnt Prancing Horses featured below. Warning: You may want to go grab a fire extinguisher before reading on. There's definitely a 458 on this list and we all know how quickly those can catch fire.

Mexico City is the setting for this Ferrari fire. A 360 Spider caught fire due to a broken gas tank hose and quickly went from zero to crispy in no time flat. What makes this fire so incredible is how normal it is. This 360 casually caught fire (it was quickly put out) while parked on what looks to be a quiet street. "Subtle" and "supercar" don't usually exist in the same sentence, especially when "fire" is thrown into the mix.

This 458 was anything but subtle when it caught fire on a Brazilian freeway. The car quickly burned to a crisp while firefighters moved in and passing drivers gawked. This fire is the definition of terrible, but amazingly no one was harmed. What's not known is whether this 458 was turned in as part of the overheating adhesive recall before the fire broke out.

Have you ever wondered what an F430 would look like if you hit it with a flamethrower for a few hours? Well, you're in luck! This Ferrari caught fire on a highway in Hong Kong, and unlike some of the other cars on this list there doesn't appear to be any chance it could be salvaged. At the end of the day the car was too burnt to be put on a tow truck and was loaded into a scrap truck via a giant metal claw.

CarBuzz reader Breck Dockstader was the unfortunate victim of a Ferrari fire when his 2004 360 Spider caught fire in the desert. Dockstader and a friend were driving to Las Vegas from Utah when the pair noticed smoke coming from the engine. As you'd expect, it didn't end well and the two could only watch as the Ferrari went up in flames. As this list proves, you're not alone in your pain, Breck.

Ostensibly this LaFerrari fire isn't so bad. Sure, the back end is a bit on the burnt side but it's nothing you can't buff out. While the fire wasn't exactly epic you need to remember that only 499 of these were made and each one costs over $1 million. Either the owner needs to be more careful or the car gods have marked this ride for death. The latter seems more reasonable.

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