Top 5 Fiat 500 Commercials

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The Fiat brand has never been stronger thanks to a string of new ads. Here's a selection of some of the best.

Ever since Fiat took control of Chrysler and appointed Olivier Francois as its chief marketer, the Fiat 500 brand has been revolutionized thanks to a string of high-profile commercials featuring the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Sheen and supermodel Catrinel Menghia. These five are a selection of some of the best aired over the past twelve months, including the infamous Super Bowl ad that went viral on YouTube and the more recent spot for the open-top Abarth that sees a little scorpion taking liberties with superhot Catrinel.

Fiat's 500 Abarth Super Bowl XLVI commercial featuring stunning Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia has accumulated over 9 million hits and counting. Why? Because everyone wants to see a sexy girl dropping froth on her cleavage while seducing a nerd and speaking Italian all the while.

Hollywood's enduring bad boy Charlie Sheen stars in this commercial, which was due to air during the Super Bowl before Fiat went with the famous "Seduction" spot instead. The ad shows Sheen hooning the Abarth through a beautiful mansion, with plenty of eye candy on show, before cracking wise with Fiat's favorite Romanian model.

After hiring Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Lopez to promote the 500, Fiat went a new direction with more Italian-flavored ads, like this latest spot showing a bunch of Cinquecento models driving right off the Italian peninsula and into the water, only to re-emerge like so many Italian immigrants in their day in the New York harbor.

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With the recent debut of the open-top Abarth 500C, the Italian automaker once again employed the services of supermodel Catrinel Menghia to promote its latest with the help of a cheeky scorpion (Abarth's emblem) which uses its pinchers to excellent effect in helping the beautiful Catrinel out of her bikini. We've never been jealous of a scorpion before.

This latest clip promotes the new 500L. The "Wedding" ad shows two young women late for a wedding changing into bridesmaid's dresses in the car, while the driver steals glances in the rearview mirror and a grinning boy enjoys the ride. The point is that the 500L has room for five and then some.


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