Top 5 Geekiest Car Ads

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Car commercials don't always feature beautiful women and pretentious narrators. Sometimes, they pander to geeks.

It's a well-known fact that the geeks will inherit the Earth. Advertising companies know this, which is they have increasingly begun to skew advertisements towards nerds. These ads aren't geeky in the old school sense of the term, but they definitely cater to those who like sci-fi films and video games. If you fly your geek and gearhead flag high, then continue below to check out some uber l33t car ads.

This ad won a ton of awards and hearts when it debuted during the 2011 Superbowl. If you haven't seen mini Darth Vader start a 2012 Passat with the force, shame on you. Catch up for lost time now.

If you find yourself laughing at this ad from Hyundai, then you're a true Top Gear geek. Props to the ad agency for making Captain Slow a tortoise, and for changing The Stig into The Stag.

A chorus of dogs barking out the "Imperial March" from Star Wars, brilliant. A dog dressed as an AT-AT-genius. If you can't laugh at the AT-AT greyhound then you have no geek soul.

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Playing human Pac-Man is one thing, but what about automotive Pac-Man? A team of Chinese stunt drivers did just that, chasing each other around through a giant Pac-Man maze. The Chevy Cruze T has never looked so good.

Back in the 1960s, nerds could easily be spotted by the amount of sand they had on their face at the beach, or so this ad for the 1965 Mustang would lead you to believe. Everything works out for the geek, as he gets the girl and goes on to develop the Atari.

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