Top 5 Hottest Car Wash Commercials

These ads prove that babes in bikinis can sell anything.

No matter what you're selling, the best way to get a guy's attention is to put some babes in bikinis. Almost every brand has experimented with the sexy car wash, with everything from candy companies to automakers getting in on the fun, sexy times. And who can blame sells. If you're someone who likes a little advertising with your bikini babes, then check out all of these hot car commercials below.

Playboy playmate Olga Farmaki knows how to sell Chevys. Farmaki gives this hot hatch a rub down in this overseas ad that is a few notches too hot for American sensibilities.

Subaru attempted to redefine the sexy car wash back in 2009 with this hilarious ad. These sumos do a spot-on job of recreating the hot car wash. Hey, sumo wrestlers are sexy to some folks.

This Carl's Jr ad has everything a man could want, a burger, a hot car and a beautiful babe. Paris Hilton may lack "real" talent, but she sure does know how to wash a car.

Chances are that you'll want a Snickers-and need a hot shower-after watching this commercial. This commercial is definitely NSFW (not safe for wife).

The best way to make a sexy car commercial appealing to women is to add a touch of humor. This ad for Mrs. Mac's beef pies does exactly that, adding a twist that you'll never see coming. You've been warned.

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