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From the fastest Lotus to the fastest tuned car in the world, Farah has been lucky enough to drive some of the most insane cars on the planet.

Everyone's favorite chrome-domed automotive video host has piloted some of the meanest cars on the planet. The presenter of Drive's "Tuned" series focuses his attention on powerful cars that have been made even more powerful by some of the leading tuners around. From Switzer's 1,100hp Nissan GT-R to Hennessey's 1,200hp Venom GT, if it's got insane levels of horsepower, chances are Farah has not only driven it, but made a video short detailing his experience. Check out five such productions here.

Matt Farah's first spin in the Venom GT, the million-dollar Elise-based Shelby Cobra-inspired 1,200hp monster, is a pretty memorable experience to say the least. "Lots of torque, tons of torque!" he initially exclaims. Farah finishes his ride by comparing the Venom GT to "Supermodel sex, that's the kind of fun this thing is."

Here Matt Farah tries out RENNtech's 700-horsepower Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, a $120,000 luxury car with room for four, massage seats and the ability to do rolling burnouts thanks to the 5.5-liter V8 that's been given a pair of upgraded turbos, a new exhaust system and optimized ECU software.

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Titan Motorsports has a long history of tuning Supras and when Farah headed to Florida he checked out a 700hp model with a single turbocharger and six cylinders. It also comes with Brembo brakes, a TRD coilover suspension, HRE wheels wrapped in Michelin high-performance tires, roll bar and racing harness.

To see what Switzer's 1,100hp GT-R had to offer, Farah went down to California, and brought the film crew from Tuned along for the ride. The result, as you may expect, is a wild one. The only downside Farah notes in the Switzer package is the $86,000 it adds to the list price.

After six years and numerous upgrades, Frank Profera and his team in California managed to squeeze 700 hp out of the Lotus Exige's 1.8-liter twin-turbo engine. Coupled with its 975kg body, the heavily modified lightweight has a superior power-to-weight ratio to the Bugatti Veyron and Mario Andretti's F1 Lotus, and could well be the fastest Lotus on the planet.

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