Top 5 'Only in Russia' Clips

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In a country where driving etiquette doesn't exist, anything goes. And it usually does.

The country with the unenviable title of "most dangerous country for drivers in the world" with around 1,000 deaths per million cars per year, certainly lives up to its reputation. Over the past twelve months alone we've been privy to plenty of jaw-dropping footage from Russia. Popularity of dash-mounted cameras has grown exponentially in this time, and the result is a window into a world where toddlers are found wandering around highways and tanks are seen crossing civilian highways. You think we're joking? Read on to see for yourself.

Apparently Russian truck drivers, regardless of whether their cargo is living or not, are consistently impatient while behind the wheel, and this is the result. While transporting some cows, this driver managed to lose control and overturn at speed spilling the bovine beasts all over the road. Burgers, anyone?

Here Russian drivers can be seen in the midst of a somewhat socially awkward situation. After what appears to be an accident, both parties pull off to the side of the road to "talk." Instead of assessing any possible vehicular damage, both parties came "prepared" (read: armed) to argue their case as to who was at fault.

When a tank comes out of nowhere and crosses the highway only to disappear into the snow, then you know you're in Russia. No-one appeared to get hurt, but it didn't look like it was about to stop for anyone even if they were in the way.

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Straight out of Moscow, the footage captured by the driver of this car shows a horrific plane crash after the jetliner unsuccessfully tried to land at the airport. The impact of the crash sent debris all over the highway, while the plane was reportedly split into a few pieces.

This is arguably the most shocking dash-cam production of them all, and nothing you've seen before will prepare you for it: A baby, no more than two-years-old, waddling along the other side of the road and into the pathway of a truck.

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