Top 5 Playboy Bunny Videos


Ukrainian bombshell Irina Olhovskaya’s BlondeDrive series may not have been as popular as Top Gear, but it was just as entertaining.

It didn't take long for the CarBuzz faithful to fall for Playboy bunny Irina Olhovskaya and her unique car presentations. Ukraine's sultry sex-kitten has given us plenty of fond memories, from lusting over Lamborghinis to washing an Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley Continental GT in a bikini. The BlondeDrive presenter's one-piece mini racing suit has engrained itself into the minds of car fans throughout the world, and to celebrate the beautiful blonde's refreshing approach to car critiquing, we bring you her top five vids.

This review sees Irina going all girly in the best kind of way over the brutish Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. With a 300-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 at her disposal, the blonde bombshell handles the formidable 4x4 nicely, managing to keep it on the road long enough to deliver yet another aimless analysis.

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Here, the sultry sweetheart offers up some useful tips on how to keep exotic cars sparkling clean, using the Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley Continental Supersports for demonstration purposes. Naturally her "educational" video is presented while wearing nothing more than a two-piece bikini and tight denim shorts, but that's just how this girl rolls.

In this video, wildcat Irina Olhovskaya returns to lust over the equally sexy Lamborghini Gallardo. Sporting a new leather-centric look, the blonde bombshell is so hot for the Raging Bull that she just can't help herself from stroking the supercar (and a little bit of herself) before enjoying a nice slow ride.

When serving up tips on preparing for a road trip Irina, chooses the Honda HR-V, an oddly-shaped little crossover sold by the Japanese automaker until 2006 in foreign markets. Where she went was a mystery, but thankfully she returned to deliver more insightful critiques and lots more cleavage.

There's little question that the ZAZ-968 featured in this video is an utter pile of junk, but we doubt you'll care as the former Playboy bunny manages to spread some of her sex appeal to the Soviet-era lemon, noting how the soft and bouncy backseat is the ideal place for a good old-fashioned communist romp.