Top 5 Sharpie Cars

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By popular demand, here are the top 5 Sharpie Cars of all time.

Think taking a permanent marker to a car is a bad idea? Depends on whose hand the marker is in. Taking a permanent marker to your car may sound crazy, but it actually doesn't look half bad when the deed is done by a skilled artist. If you still need some convincing, then continue reading on to see all of these awesome Sharpie art cars.

I'm willing to bet that we'll see a lot more Camaros decorated with permanent markers thanks to Chris Dunlop. Dunlop is a professional pinstriper out of Maryland who used 10 Sharpies to create the awesome double racing stripe seen here.

Mark Niemann has single-handedly managed to turn an old Miata into a work of art using only $100 worth of Sharpies and a staggering 22 days of drawing. The time and money were well spent as Niemann's Miata turns heads wherever it goes.

One has to wonder what the folks over at Sant'Agata Bolognese think of the Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo. This one-of-a-kind Lambo was created by Miami graffiti artist Jona Cerwinske. Since making its first public appearance some three years ago, the Sharpie Gallardo has taken the world by storm, appearing on numerous websites and magazine covers.

This unique permanent marker paint job was created by two friends looking to attract attention to their new automotive paint shop. The two each used two Sharpies apiece and randomly doodled on the bike until they met in the middle. It's no Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo, but this is still one of the most original and artistic motorcycles around.

Costas Schuler's Mercedes Pens Art Car is literally covered in Sharpie markers. This car is not nearly as artistic as the others featured here, but it does carry an important environmental message. Schuler designed this car to encourage folks to do something else with their used plastic pens besides throw them out.

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