Top 5 Supercar Fires of Summer 2013

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Here's a little reminder that supercar ownership can often become a fire hazard.

Cars of all types catch on fire every now and then. But for several reason(s), supercars and other high-performance exotics seem to go up in flames more often than your typical family sedan. Whether it's the engine overheating or some freak accident, supercar owners can have the worst luck. Fortunately for them, if they're already wealthy enough to buy the car, then insurance is nothing but pocket change. Here are just a few examples of the bad luck that went down this summer.

We typically see Ferraris, specifically the 458 catch on fire due to a mechanical issue, but this Lamborghini Murcielago went up in smoke for some unknown reason. It was travelling on the Autobahn with two others Lambos when the fire started. It's a damn shame because there was absolutely nothing left to salvage. Only tears.

We're not used to seeing McLarens bite the dust, but this MP4-12C did exactly that when it burst into flames while cruising around north London. Sources claim the fire started in the rear compartment for some apparent reason. The driver was lucky and escaped with only minor burns, but the 12C completely melted.

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Ah yes, the Ferrari 458 Italia. Not long after it first went on sale, reports kept coming in about the supercar suddenly catching on fire. It was long before we saw one engulfed in flames. At first, Ferrari blamed the owners for not driving their car properly, but it soon became apparent there was a defect when the fires in several 458s all started in the right rear wheel-arch. The problem was soon solved, but Ferrari was forced to recall some 1,248 units – and replace for free those that ignited.

The recent sad news regarding the bankruptcy of Wiesmann caught us all by surprise, but perhaps the only thing more disturbing to see is this MF5 going up in flames. The tragedy occurred last summer while the car and its owner were cruising on some German highway. What's strange here is that the fire started in the rear of the roadster, but its engine is located up front.

In case you didn't know, there's a 200% import tax on cars in Thailand, making the purchase of a supercar far more expensive than in Europe or the US. But there are still plenty of wealthy people in the Land of Smiles wanting power and speed. Too bad for some owners their supercars were ruined while being transported to a dealership. The cars destroyed here had a combined value of $3.3 million, and the fire's cause remains a bit of a mystery.

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