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With the Mayan apocolypse only weeks away, having access to one of these modified off-road Wranglers may be your best chance for survival.

To paraphrase the official marketing tagline, there is only one Jeep. Ever since the original Jeep was first utilized by the US army in World War II, the off-roader has managed to survive till today in civilian form as the Wrangler. With its trademark styling, the Wrangler is the all-American vehicle of choice for off-roading. In fact, its global popularity is now reaching all-time highs. But check out these modified Wranglers and how each is ready to tackle the zombie or Mayan apocalypse, whichever comes first.

Being able to survive for a long period of time on your own isn't an easy task. You'll need a proper vehicle that's not only a capable off-roader, but also has some creature comforts as well. The ActionCamper RV conversion kit for the four-door Wrangler Unlimited may just be the answer. A fiberglass camper shell is added to the rear, featuring a deployable pop-up extension as well as interior amenities like a refrigerator, stove, sink and even a toilet. There's also a four-gallon fresh water tank and sewage tank. The price for survival? $53,500 for the camper package, which does not include the price for the donor Wrangler itself.

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Project Kahn has always had a thing for the Wrangler, so we chose one of our personal favorites to showcase here. The CJ300 Military Green Jeep has been given a host of military-themed exterior styling and color updates along with some modern bits like horizontal daytime running lights, stainless-steel entry sill plates and carbon side wing blades. Riding on a set of 20-inch alloys which pack a set of liquid gold brake calipers, the tuner also added a stainless-steel exhaust system. The interior received perforated front and rear black leather heated seats and machine aluminum vented foot pedals.

Now this is how one goes about killing zombies and lives to tell about it. The Hemi V8-powered Wrangler Recon may look like it was designed for the military, but tuning outfit VWerks offers the kit for civilian use. Aside from its 5.7-liter V8, this Jeep comes equipped with a roof-mounted machine gun, a modified suspension (imagine why), 39-inch tires and a front steering Ram Assist for precise handling. There's even armor plating to protect passengers as well as the gunner who can rotate the weapon 360 degrees. The interior, on the other hand, is full of luxuries like two-tone Katzkin leather upholstery.

You don't necessarily need a machine gun mounted on top of your Jeep to look badass, as this Supercharged Wrangler by CEC Wheels clearly shows. For a cool $90,000, buyers will be treated to a supercharger, dual exhaust, and exterior add-ons such as a roof rack, cargo basket, auxiliary lighting and LED headlights and taillights. There's also a new lift suspension that raises the Jeep's profile even though it sits on a set of 20-inch wheels. Expensive? Yes, but it looks completely awesome.


Jeep buyers usually don't buy one just for the daily work commute on a highway. No, they want to go off-roading as well and Hauk Designs offers a selection of aftermarket accessories that'll make any Wrangler better prepared for the unknown. With a set of 40-inch tires on hand and 20-inch Raceline bead lock wheels, customers can further optimize their Jeep via full under carriage skid protection, epoxy-coated steel bumpers with integrated license plate and winch mount. There's also a fast-back T-Top roof, LED headlights and solid billet door handles.

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