Top 5 Unexpected Luxury Trucks


Trigger warning: There are a ton of custom utes on this list.

The El Camino was America's last, and likely only, foray into the pickup-car/ute world. Australia may be madly in love with motorized Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hydes, but that's their business. Still, it's always nice to see them, especially when they take the shape of a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce. Below you'll find some of the most unexpected luxury trucks around. No, they can't haul or tow like an F-150 or Silverado, but are those really the thoughts that come to mind when you're driving around a Ferrari truck?

A Jaguar XJ is not necessarily the car you want to drive to a construction site, unless it's the XJ pictured here. Someone actually took the time to cut their Jag up and drop a bed on it, and the result isn't half bad. This car is the four-wheeled equivalent of a mullet: business in the front and party (tailgating) in the back.

If Mercedes is looking to spice up its lineup then it should look no further than this 300TD pickup. This luxe ute was customized "sometime in the 80s," in the words of its seller, by a shop in Wisconsin that mated it with an El Camino's bed, rear window and trim. It was last spotted on eBay listed for $17,500.

Most of the cars on this list look good (as in they don't look like pure crap), but none are as beautiful as this modded 1989 Ferrari 412. Then again, none of the cars on this list were made for a History Channel series called "Ultimate Wheels," either. This reality star car was created by a gentleman known as Elo and his partner, Will Trickett. The Ferrari's class is kept intact, and may even be upped thanks to the presence of the wood bed.

London Motor Group

At first blush this may seem like just another old dually with a crappy paint job. A closer inspection reveals that it's actually a Rolls-Royce dually with a crappy paint job. That's right, someone told Jeeves to put two 32 gallon fuel tanks and a turbocharged engine into their Rolls. It looks a lot rougher than other rides on this list, but it also looks like it can be used to haul something more than a folding table.

Yes, there are a surprising amount of BMW utes in existence (blame Australia), but this is the world's first X5 Pickup, which makes it special. Motorline BMW, located in Brisbane, Australia, is behind this miracle of mechanical nature. The ute was built for the company's show window, and Motorline's owner estimates that it would cost about $35,000 to $40,000 (plus the cost of the car) to create one for a private party.

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