Top Gear America's New Test Track Is Being Sued


And the plaintiff happens to be a former driving instructor.

Top Gear America has yet to debut and already there's an issue with its test track. Fortunately, the issue at hand has nothing to do with the show itself. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Jalopnik, a driving instructor from SpeedVegas has filed a civil lawsuit against the track seeking an order to close the facility until a series of safety protocols are instituted, such as redesigning the track. Apparently, the track is "inherently excessively and unnecessarily dangerous in design and operation" according to the instructor, Francisco Durban.

He worked at SpeedVegas since March 2016 before he was fired, and further states that brakes on cars used in the operation were not properly maintained. One specific case involves the Lamborghini Aventador that crashed last month and killed both driver and passenger. Not only were the Aventador's brakes supposedly not properly maintained, but that it was a "roadster with a convertible top that didn't have a roll bar or cage." The suit even notes "numerous aftermarket modifications," such as the brakes, rear wing and exhaust system, done to that Aventador had been subject to safety recall notice.

Following the fatal crash, track management required instructors to undergo psychiatric evaluations, perform a road test on track, and sign an acknowledgment form stating "every precaution has been taken to ensure my safety as well as the safety of our guests." Durban refused to sign after those managers, as per his suggestion, refused to move a concrete wall the Aventador crashed into further from the track. He also wanted to install Formula One safety barriers. Durban's termination was because he refused to work in "unsafe conditions." SpeedVegas is currently reviewing the suit and have no comment. How this will affect Top Gear America remains uncertain. Photos courtesy of Review-Journal and SpeedVegas

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