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Top Gear Attracts (Surprise!) More Complaints

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Dear so-called Top Gear...

Sometimes the guys from Top Gear do or say genuinely irresponsible things; but most of the time, when we hear viewers complaining about the show, these complaints seem to be coming from people who watch only so that they will have something to complain about. The latest controversy seems to fall into this category, as the recent "hovervan" episode drew ire over its use of actors pretending to be brunch goers getting drenched by the van's spray.

Let's be totally clear about this, people are angry because the show's three hosts didn't actually ruin anyone's brunch, seriously. It seems like a pretty stupid thing to complain about, especially considering that the show's producers have said on numerous other occasions that Top Gear is intended to entertain, and is never 100 percent real. In this sense, it is no different from any other "reality" show on TV, something most people should have figured out by 2013. Fortunately, nobody at the BBC seems to be taking this latest round of complaints all that seriously.

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A spokesman said simply: "I think Top Gear viewers are intelligent enough not to have been taken in." A doubly good response, as it implies that those offended lack intelligence.