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Top Gear Fans Threaten To Kill Potential Clarkson Replacement

The Internet's trolls continuously find a new way to hit bottom.

Some people are having a really tough time imagining “TopGear” without Jeremy Clarkson. Sue Perkins, a British TV presenter famous forappearing on “The Great British Bake Off,” has received death threats viaTwitter after UK bettors made her the favorite to replace the ousted Clarkson. Perkinstweeted about the abuse, with one man saying he’d like to see her burn todeath. As you might expect she quit Twitter, telling her followers she wastaking a break for a bit.

The bizarre story is made even stranger by the fact that noone but bookmakers had Perkins as the front-runner to join the show. Perkins has some experience with cars having appeared on theBBC show “World’s Most Dangerous Roads." Still, it's hard to believe that would qualify her to host a car show. These so-called “TopGear” fans have taken things way too far with their threats against Perkins. What's ironic is that they’rehurting the reputation of the show and the presenter they’re trying so hard to “protect.”

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