'Top Gear' Has Another Rumored Host: Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before

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Eddie Jordan of Formula One is next in line for entry to the rumor mill.

This is getting a bit ridiculous. "Top Gear" just confirmed that Matt LeBlanc of "Friends" fame was joining the show as a co-host, and now the rumor mill has it that Eddie Jordan is soon to join the show. Jordan is an Irishman known for his work in Formula One, specifically his Jordan Grand Prix team. The team was created in 1991 and sold in early 2005. In addition to its various F1 wins Jordan Grand Prix gave racing legend Michael Schumacher his start.

After selling his team Jordan was a Formula One commentator for the BBC. In sum: The guy knows his car stuff. If he were to join Chris Evans and LeBlanc, Jordan would lend an air of authority to the cast. But what about Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris? Well it appears that those two will be involved in the show but just not in a large capacity. (Think of them like the team of minions "MythBusters" has.) Now adding a professional car nut to the cast is awesome, but one big issue to consider is Jordan's age. He is 67 and "Top Gear" is a demanding show in terms of both shooting and traveling. Will Jordan want to/be able to travel the world with Evans (49) and LeBlanc (48)? Jeremy Clarkson was the senior member of the old trio but even he is just 55 years old.

The Radio Times broke the story about Jordan's hiring and says the official announcement will come from the BBC within days. We'll believe it when we Jordan and the Stig popping bottles of champagne.

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