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Top Gear is Gouda to Go in Holland

Clarkson. Stig. May. Hammond. Holland?

The Office and Top Gear happen to be two of the most rapidly expanding TV shows currently on the tube, and they both happen to have gotten their start on British programming. Another spin-off of the critically-acclaimed British automotives program is set to launch this year in the Netherlands. Top Gear programs currently run in the U.S., Australia, Russia and Turkey. Holland's Top Gear will join South Korea and China as the new recipients of our favorite TV show.

De Telegraaf spoke with Veronica's interim channel manager Carter Duong, who said concerning the Dutch Top Gear program: "We think a wide audience will enjoy it. It will be a weekly car magazine in the broadest sense. Think of auto testing, traffic information, the latest models and automotive developments." The TV show's global reach is continuing through Europe and will be developed in collaboration between the owners of Holland's Autoweek magazine and the producers of local TV station Veronica. Veronica already airs the British and Australian Top Gear programs and they plan on capitalizing on their popularity with a show of their own.

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