Top Gear Live Show 2011 Packed with Stunning Vehicles

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If you're in the UK try and take in the next Top Gear Live Show.

Visitors to Birmingham's NEC a couple of weekend's ago were treated to an array of classic and super cars as well as seeing the famous Top Gear trio strut their stuff. A Top Gear hall, two classic motorbike halls and seven classic car halls was enough to keep the hordes of car fans occupied for a couple of days. James May's Lexus LS400 police car and the Vietnam Scooters that have featured in Top Gear challenges were on show, as were some truly spectacular cars.

Amongst them were the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes CLK GTR and Noble M12 GTO. Over 1,400 classic cars were also on display from the Delorean DMC12 to the Bugatti Veyron, but the indoor track designed by Lotus used to host a variety of races was the main attraction. Generation drag races including a Jaguar XJ220 up against a Jaguar XJR-5 excited the masses, as did the Group B Rally specials that concluded with the Stig performing power laps in the Caterham R500. The next show is coming to London this weekend, so if you're in town check it out.

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